Stone Ocean Sky is a clothing line based in California. We design clothes that we love, while simultaneously embracing sustainable design and ethical production. We use multi-faceted approaches to sustainability that inspire our innovative aesthetic.  

Artful engineering and minimal design is what drives us; clothing for comfort and motion is the result.



key facets of sustainable fashion


       We do our best to implement many diverse approaches to environmental sustainability and ethical production. We are passionately driven to do more, and innovate new ways to achieve these goals. You can rest easy knowing that although the production processes may vary from garment to garment, each one is made with natural and/or sustainable fibres and is ethically manufactured. Each garment's tag will indicate exactly which sustainable elements we have incorporated into our designs.  



Natural and sustainable fibres reduce the impact of our clothes on the environment and its people. We use a variety of different approaches such as organic cotton, hemp, and recycled fibres.




Producing fashion and textiles involves one of the longest and most complicated industrial chains in the manufacturing industry which means a lot of humans are involved in this process. We make a big effort to make sure the production of our clothes is providing safe jobs with fair wages.




We love transformational garments! We like to design so you can have multiple looks from one garment. This means when you buy one jacket, it's actually like getting two or more! This means you get more bang for your buck and you can pair down your wardrobe, in turn, consuming less resources. Plus, it's fun knowing your clothing has a superhero-like secret identity. 




Some techniques for less destructive dye processes we use include using unbleached and un-dyed fibres, naturally coloured fibres, natural indigo dye, and low impact dyes. We are constantly exploring alternatives such as industrial scale natural dyes, and implementation of ocean water dyeing in order to reduce fresh water usage. 




During the life cycle of a garment, more water is used in washing it at home than is used in growing the fibre or dyeing it! We consider this in our designs and make clothing that, for instance, sits away from the body in key areas so that the garments don’t have to be washed as often, or using wool, which is naturally anti-microbial and moisture wicking.



We love upcycling because it means we get to think of creative ways to give life to discarded products or materials and turn them into beautiful clothing that holds an intriguing past. 





Low-waste patternmaking means reducing the amount of unused fabric that ends up on the cutting room floor.